"We love being members.  We love it so much that we bought

a half share for our neighbor, and got out parents to buy the other half."


You are so thoughtful! Every box this year has been a delight, thank you so much for the care you all take! 


Today my toddler was cranky and exhausted, so I gave him one of those ripe yellow tomatoes straight out of the box. He sat down silent as a lamb and ate the whole thing. That’s a major sign of approval in my book. 


We think you are doing a great job with the CSA!  Thank you for all of the extras too.  Eggs are great.


 Wonderful job!  We also enjoy the photos.  Blessings to you all!


"Delicious, fresh, locally-grown, sustainably harvested food every week, including some new things to try!"




"I love the sunchokes! I've never heard or had one, but they are so great! The crunch and flavor is just perfect!! Thanks for including them!"


"Last night we made a cabbage, cucumber, pea, and green bean salad with an Asian dressing and I couldn't believe how good the veggies were. When I open the box, everything is cleaner than I would expect and so fresh - nothing looks wilted at all. You've really exceeded our expectations! Anyway, thanks for all of your hard work and for sending out the newsletter when you do -

it gives me a chance to plan meals

after I've seen what will be

delivered that day! Looking forward

to the rest of the season!"


"I liked the variety and quality."


"Thank you for all the great produce all season long! We just loved it. Such variety! Please sign me up for next year and let me know when to pay and how much! Again thank you!"


"We LOVE being a part of this CSA. I look forward to the box every week and we are eating a lot more vegetables! My children have started eating things they would not have touched a year ago. It is good for our family in so many ways. I really like the variety and quality of what is provided." 


"Enjoyed the recipes."


"It is terrific to know where your food comes from, and that it is locally grown. Being a part of a farm is great! I don't think we have a least like!"


"I wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for our first box!  We were absolutely overwhelmed with how wonderful all the veggies looked and enjoyed our first (and very delicious) meal tonight packed full of your veggies/herbs." 




"I raved about your quality to friends & family!"


"And turnips with greens too! This share is a

thing of beauty.   Thank you!! Green, green, green we love it!"


"I like being connected to the farm." 


"I loved finding out what was in the box and seeing all the produce spread out on my table."


"I just wanted to say - we just love the CSA. We joined to try to make good on a promise we made to ourselves to eat better. We see more and more people have heart problems and cancer, and we want to do what we can to be healthier. The trouble is, we don't know how to cook or eat healthfully! Well, we figured if we joined a CSA, we would HAVE to learn, because we'd have food to cook and we'd feel guilty if it got wasted! It has worked sofar, and this is only the beginning. We've learned to make fresh pesto for pasta with beans and broccoli, potato hash with greek yogurt, swiss chard and other greens with tofu, and most of all, to eat salads. Salads with lots of lettuces, veggies, tomatoes and cucumbers and fresh herbs! We always have green beans or squash or carrots to add as a side to any meal, and I even made a healthy apple crisp with last week's apples. We're learning very quickly how to prepare good-for-you meals that are also yummy! We feel better already, and the kitchen smells delicious. I am amazed with each pick up by the diverse selection. Fruits, vegetables, of all shapes, sizes and colors! Even a melon this week! The only problem I've had is finding somewhere to put it all! Thanks so much for all you do at the farm, I hope one day we can come and volunteer! What you do brings healthy food to families all over the twin cities, it's a good honest way to make a living! Thanks again!"


"Your carrots are really great!"


"Corn, melons, carrots & tomatoes

have been outstanding."

"Love the garlic scapes."

"We have been enjoying the produce, especially the beans & potatoes, YUM!"


"Thanks for all the great produce - it's been tasty!"


"The sweet corn, along with everything else in this week's box was FANTASTIC! Is there anyway we can purchase more corn from you? It's the best we've had yet! The melon's were amazing as well, so excited for next week's box!"


"Very good, fresh, 'excellent flavors'!!!!!!"