Each Weekly share member will receive a 5/9 bushel box of veggies, fruit & herbs for 18 weeks, mid June - late October. ($630)

Each half share member will receive a 5/9 bushel box for 9 weeks

of their choice. ($350)

The weight of the boxes will vary from @5 pounds in the beginning of the season when there are a lot of light-weight leafy greens ready to over 20 pounds later in the season when the heavy vegetables like melons, tomatoes, & potatoes are ready. A share will typically feed 2 to 4 people depending on eating habits.

Produce will be delivered to various pick-up sites as listed. Members will also receive an e-mail newsletter that includes a produce list, storage information, farm news, recipes, etc. Extras list will be e-mailed to members the weekend before each delivery.

Members pick up their produce during times listed on the

Agreement form or produce is given away unless they make other arrangements with the pick-up site.